Submission, GetaMoveOn and CHI2019

A Busy Month for me!

At the start of April, I submitted my PhD Manuscript “Musical expectancy within Movement Sonification to Overcome Low Self-efficacy”. It is currently under examination and I should have updates soon :D.

Secondly, I have started work with Anna Cox as a research fellow, exploring musical displays to reduce sedentary behaviour in desktop workers.  I also joined the GetaMoveOn Fellowship program, with our first event happening this month!

Finally, I just returned from CHI 2019, where I took part in a great speech interaction workshop, led by Leigh Clark, saw Ana Tajadura-Jiménez present our paper As Light as You Aspire to Be: Changing Body Perception with Sound to Support Physical Activity” and had great discussions with old friends and new.

Now it is time to look forward to the months to come, where a lot of new projects are starting and it is an exciting time for Audio and HCI!

Audio Interaction Design


I am a PhD candidate and researcher interested in how people interact with technology and how the way we design technology, specifically sound, can change the way in which we interact with it.

I have done this in my PhD research explore how musical feedback may be used to alter physical activity: My PhD research

And in many other projects explore how we might use audio to design richer and supportive interactions: My Projects