This work has focused on exploring different strategies for breathing sonification to reduce anxiety and help change peoples breathing technique.

These prototype designs have focused on a wearable breath sensor, develop using stretch sensing conductive material and Arduino devices.


The sonification designs have explored a variety of techniques, for example, nature-based sonifications to promote relaxation and mindfulness:



Additionally, this work explores how pitch direction effects breathing technique. By examining how people’s embodied perception of sound may impact their breathing. For example, can mapping an ascending pitch to inhalation promote more thoracic breathing and a descending pitch promote more diaphragmatic breathing? This is currently being investigated from the perspective of training breathing techniques.



Finally, this work explores designs that rely on sensorimotor synchronisation, to manipulate breathing rhythms with an external pitch. By providing a reference “melody” to match the sonified breathing too, it can then be explored how changing the tempo of that underlying melody can lead to manipulation of people’s breathing rate, allowing to gradually slow or increase it.