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Policy and outreach

Written evidence submitted by the Eworklife research group (Professor Anna L Cox, Dr Sandy JJ
Gould, Dr Marta Cecchinato, Dr Joseph Newbold, Dr Anna Rudnicka, and David Cook) House of Lords COVID-19 Committee Living online: The long-term impact on wellbeing 2021

The Conversation piece featured on World Economic Forum David Cook, Dr Anna Rudnicka, and Dr Joseph Newbold, Work-life balance in a pandemic: a public health issue we cannot ignore 2021

Written evidence to the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee, in response to
In the evidence call “The impact of coronavirus on businesses and workers”, Professor Anna Cox, Dr Sandy Gould, Dr Marta Cecchinato, Dr Joseph Newbold, Dr Anna Rudnicka, and David Cook, addressing the impact of the Covid-19 lockdown on people’s wellbeing, including physical activity. 2020

A response from the GetaMoveOn Network+ to Advancing our Health: prevention in the 2020s Dr Joseph Newbold, Clare Casson, Professor Anna L Cox, Enabling better health for all: the role for digital technologies to help people move more and stay healthier for longer 2019